Jolifin acrylic powder - clear 10g

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Jolifin acrylic powder - clear 10g for a fantastic nail design with acrylic

Jolifin Acrylic Powder - clear 10g for perfect nail modelling with acrylic. Acrylic powders are processed with acrylic liquid. The viscosity of the powder can be varied as desired by using more or less liquid. Acrylic powders are suitable for natural nail extensions as well as for artificial nail extensions with tips or templates. The powder mixed with acrylic liquid is air-hardening after modelling (approx. 5 minutes) and very resistant. By finishing with a polishing block and a few drops of nail oil (with different scents, peach is very popular) the surface is polished to a high gloss. Alternatively, you can seal with a light-curing high-gloss sealer (for example, Jolifin Clear UV-Top Sealing Pro).


  • low odour
  • clear
  • Content 10g

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