Jolifin LAVENI 120 Tipbox Dual System - Premium Straight

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Jolifin LAVENI 120er Tipbox Dual-System - Premium straight for a fast and exact nail extension with acrylic and AcrylGel

Jolifin LAVENI 120er Tipbox Dual System - Premium straight makes it possible to extend the nails in a straight shape in the simplest way. The tips are simply filled with acrylic or acrylic gel to the desired length and pressed onto the nail tip. Using the pre-drawn lines, you can easily specify the length. This way, you only need to place the tip together with the modeling compound on the nail tip and, if necessary, harden it without having to do a lot of filing work afterwards. Removing the tips after curing is also child's play by lightly pressing them together.


  • Clear
  • Unbreakable and yet flexible in handling
  • Pre-drawn lines on the tip to determine the perfect length
  • For acrylic and acrylic gel
  • 12 different sizes in clear sorting


  • 120 pieces sorted in a plexiglass tip box in sizes 0 (approx. 32.0mm x 12.0mm) to 11 (approx. 26.0mm x 6.1mm).
  • The tip size is discreetly stamped into the nail tip.

Application and tips:

  • Prepare the natural nail as usual
  • Choose the right tip size
  • Apply AcrylicGel with a Jolifin 2in1 AcrylGel Brush - black to the desired length in the tip.
  • Moisten the brush with some Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - liquid 150ml and shape the material in the tip.
  • Place the tip on the nail tip and press on lightly.
  • Allow to harden if necessary
  • Remove the tip by gently squeezing it together
  • Complete nail modelling and file into shape if required
  • Seal


Tip: Be careful not to use the Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - liquid 150ml too generously when modelling. This can lead to bubbles in the AcrylGel.