Jolifin LAVENI Shellac FiberglassGel - clear 12ml

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Colour: clear

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Jolifin LAVENI Shellac FiberglassGel - clear 12ml is super stable, flexible and removable with the remover

Jolifin LAVENI Shellac FiberglassGel - clear 12ml can be used as a base coat for your Shellac manicure, as a primer for gel modelling and as a build-up gel for both variants. The Shellac FiberglassGel creates super adhesion even on problem nails. Your Shellac manicure can be extended in an extremely stable way thanks to the fibreglass particles, which are no longer visible after curing, and can still be removed later with the remover. With gel modelling, you can conjure up a quick build-up or a refill in no time at all. After curing, the Shellac FiberglassGel is firm enough for a strong natural nail reinforcement or a nail extension, yet it remains very flexible, so that chipping is prevented and a pleasant feeling is created. The ideal, slightly firmer viscosity allows for thin and easy application. You don't need to file for a long time to remove it, the remover dissolves the Jolifin LAVENI Shellac FiberglassGel in just a few minutes.

The Jolifin LAVENI Shellac FiberglassGel is just right for everyone who wants an extremely stable Shellac manicure that is comparable to a gel modellage, or who attaches importance to creating build-ups and refills in a quick and uncomplicated way.

Opacity: 0%


  • Medium viscosity
  • Clear
  • Ideal for adhesion problems, also for gel modelling
  • For a super stable Shellac manicure that is comparable to a gel modellage
  • Ideally suited for a quick refill and as build up gel
  • For stencil extension
  • High time saving due to 30 seconds curing in the LED/Dual unit
  • Quick removal with the remover in approx. 15 minutes for Shellac manicures
  • Apply like nail polish, durability like gel
  • Flexible but extremely stable after curing, thus no chipping and comfortable to wear
  • Ideal viscosity for a thin application


  1. Prepare the natural nail - push back the cuticle and remove it from the nail plate, carefully roughen the nail plate with a white Jolifin Buffer sanding block
  2. Apply Jolifin LAVENI dehydrator stick 7ml
  3. Apply Jolifin LAVENI Primer stick 7ml if necessary
  4. Apply a thin layer of Jolifin LAVENI Shellac FibreglassGel as a primer, cure for 30 seconds in the LED/Dual unit or 120 seconds in the UVA unit.
  5. Create extension or reinforcement with Shellac FiberglassGel and cure
  6. Do not model the application too thickly to ensure complete curing. Better work in two or more layers and cure in between
  7. Apply paint and cure on request
  8. Seal with any top coat and cure (for all layers, coat the tip of the nail well)
  9. Remove sweating layer with Jolifin LAVENI Glossy Cleaner 150ml


  1. Roughen the surface with a Jolifin LAVENI file black - trapezoid 100/180
  2. Ca. 10 Minuten mit Jolifin LAVENI Shellac - Remover einweichen lassen – entweder: Jolifin Manikür-Schale oder Jolifin Remover Pads 100 Stück & Jolifin LAVENI Shellac - Removercaps
  3. Remove the material with a Jolifin LAVENI Cuticle Pro Pusher - black or a Jolifin LAVENI Shellac - easy removal tool.
  4. Either apply new lacquer or polish up the natural nail



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