Jolifin LAVENI Shellac - Top-Coat Keratin 12ml

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Jolifin LAVENI Shellac - Top-Coat Keratin 12ml with double effect: lasting shine and intensive care of the natural nail

Jolifin LAVENI Shellac - Top-Coat Keratin 12ml seals the colour application and brings lasting and radiant shine to the nails. In addition, the top coat applied to the natural nail with its plant-based active ingredient keratin. Keratin is the main component of our natural fingernails and is responsible for their strengthening. This gives you the perfect care for strong and healthy nails!

The ideal viscosity allows a thin and easy application. The flexibility after curing prevents flaking and creates a naturally comfortable feel.

Mit den Jolifin LAVENI Shellac Farblacken sowie Base- und Top-Coats erstellen Sie ganz leicht eine optimale Naturnagelverstärkung. Sie tragen die einzelnen Schichten wie Nagellack auf, in nur 30 Sekunden sind sie im LED-Gerät ausgehärtet. Zum Ablösen brauchen Sie nicht lange zu feilen, der Remover löst den Jolifin LAVENI Shellac in wenigen Minuten.



  • Vegan
  • Thin to medium viscosity
  • Contains vegetable keratin for the care of the natural nail
  • For an optimal natural nail reinforcement
  • Up to 4 weeks shelf life and perfect gloss
  • High time saving due to 30 seconds curing in the LED/Dual unit, 60 seconds in the UVA unit and fast removal in approx. 15 minutes
  • Apply like nail polish, durability & shine like gel
  • Very flexible after curing, therefore no flaking and comfortable to wear
  • Ideal viscosity for a thin application

Application & tips:

  1. Prepare the natural nail, push back the cuticle and remove it from the nail plate, carefully roughen the nail plate white with a Jolifin Buffer sanding block.
  2. Apply Jolifin LAVENI dehydrator stick 7ml in a thin layer
  3. Base-Coat auftragen, 30 Sekunden im LED/Dual Gerät oder 60 Sekunden im UVA Gerät aushärten
  4. Apply paint, for optimum coverage apply 2x and cure each time
  5. Top-Coat auftragen und aushärten (Bei allen Schichten die Nagelspitze gut ummanteln)
  6. Remove sweating layer with Jolifin LAVENI Glossy Cleaner 150ml


  1. Roughen the lacquer surface with a Jolifin LAVENI Long-Life buffer file - extra wide 100/180
  2. Ca. 10 Minuten mit Jolifin LAVENI Shellac Remover einweichen lassen, entweder: Jolifin Manikür-Schale oder Jolifin Remover Pads 100 Stück & Jolifin LAVENI Shellac - Removercaps
  3. Remove the varnish with a Jolifin LAVENI Cuticle Pro Pusher - black
  4. Either apply new lacquer or polish up the natural nail


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