Jolifin LAVENI Paraffin Bath - SPA - Set

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Jolifin LAVENI Paraffin Bath - SPA - Set is the set with extensive accessories for a tangible and optical wellness effect

Jolifin LAVENI Paraffin Bath - SPA - Set provides intensive and long-lasting care for your skin on hands, feet or elbows. With its elegant wooden look, the elegant device looks as if it has just emerged from a wellness oasis. But it also has a lot to offer on the inside: Its extra-high capacity allows you to use up to five litres of wax in it, which also predestines it for use on the feet. Easy operation via the display and the automatic temperature control also bring you maximum comfort and efficient functionality. By means of the active temperature control, the appliance maintains the temperature once the setting is reached and heats up again automatically if it should drop.

Made from 20% recycled plastic (ABS+PC), the Jolifin LAVENI Paraffin Bath - SPA also helps to protect the environment. With the Jolifin LAVENI Paraffin Bath - SPA - Set you get everything you need to dive straight into your new feel-good experience.

Important: Please fill the unit with a minimum quantity of 3 litres of wax. 

Perfectly manicured nails always include a soft hand. Rough, dry or stressed skin simply does not fit into the picture here. Therefore, care for them intensively and effectively with a paraffin bath. 

The pleasant warmth of the wax increases blood circulation in the skin and opens the pores so that a cream or moisturiser applied afterwards can be optimally absorbed by the skin and have a long-lasting effect.

Your skin is soft and supple immediately after the treatment, wrinkles are smoothed and the overall skin texture is refined.

You can also get the Jolifin LAVENI Paraffin Bath - SPA separately.



  • Paraffin wax bath for using the Jolifin paraffin wax
  • for long-lasting care of chapped or irritated skin
  • With LED temperature display and control panel for precise temperature setting
  • In elegant wood look
  • Extensive accessories


Technical data:

  • Power supply: 220 - 240 V
  • Power (P) 330 W
  • Capacity 5000 ml
  • Temperature 20°C - 85°C


  • Length: approx. 40cm
  • Width: 28cm
  • Height 18,5cm


  • Insert paraffin wax blocks (break into quarters) (the appliance can hold up to 5l of wax, a minimum quantity of 3 litres should not be undercut), make sure that the heat protection grid is in the bath
  • Put on lid
  • Set the toggle switch on the back of the unit to ON.
  • Set the desired temperature with the up or down button
  • Set the maximum temperature (85°C) for heating the paraffin wax block.
  • Each press of the button increases or decreases the setting by 1°C
  • Press the start button, the display starts flashing until the set temperature is reached.
  • When the wax has melted, set the use temperature to 50°C - 55°C.
  • Test the wax on the inside of the wrist before use and correct the temperature if necessary.
  • Wash and disinfect hands thoroughly before use.
  • Dip your hand briefly into the liquid wax with slightly spread fingers and remove it again immediately.
  • Wait until the wax has set on the hand before the next pass
  • Repeat the process up to four times
  • Put a plastic glove over the hand with the wax and let it rest for 15 minutes.
  • An even more intensive effect is achieved if a cotton glove is additionally put on.
  • Remove the wax completely (it can be easily removed together with the plastic glove).
  • Remove any residue with a damp and ideally warmed cotton cloth Note: For hygienic reasons, do not reuse the removed wax, as dead skin cells adhere to it.
  • Nourish the hands with a rich hand cream or lotion
  • Allow the wax to cool completely in the appliance after use


Do not let the wax level inside the unit drop below "min" or fill it above "max". When the unit is filled to the maximum limit, it takes about 6-8 applications (for the hands) for the level to drop to minimum.

After use, place the lid back on the paraffin bath.


Please pay attention to the exact and detailed instructions that are included in the delivery!

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