Jolifin Cell Tissue Box for 250 Cell Tissue Rolls

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Jolifin Cell Pads Box for 250 Cell Pads Roll ensures easy removal of the Cell Pads

The Jolifin cello pad box for 250 cello pads is a practical dispenser for your cello pads, which can be easily removed. The cello pad box holds a Jolifin 250 cello pad roll - Premium lint-free, which means that the individual pads can be removed again with one hand. For an even more hygienic and dust-free version, the entire dispenser box of the Jolifin 250 cellulose roll box - Premium lint-free can also be used. Stable and made of easy-to-clean plastic, the cello pad box is a really helpful tool for your nail modelling.

The Jolifin Cell Tissue Box 250 Cell Tissue Roll fits on every nail table and makes working much easier.




  • Cellophane box total approx. 14cm x 14cm x 5cm

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