Jolifin LAVENI AcrylicGel - rosé 50ml

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Colour: rosé

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Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - rosé 50ml - combines the best features of acrylic and gel in one product

Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - rosé 50ml is as flexible as gel and yet as stable as acrylic. It can be set perfectly because it neither runs into the nail edge nor hardens prematurely. The quick processing is another plus point. All nails can be cured at the same time in the light curing unit and usually only a little filing is required. Even in combination with the Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - liquid 150ml, there is no typical acrylic liquid smell. The AcrylGel has a very good adhesion and causes no or at most a low heat development. It is particularly suitable for classic French modelling and full cover. Because it is filled in a tube, it is particularly easy to use.

The Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel complements our high-quality Jolifin LAVENI series perfectly in optics and quality.

Due to the high viscosity, the smallest air bubbles cannot always be avoided.


  • due to the extremely high viscous consistency (thick viscous, similar to modelling clay) Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel does not run into the nail edges and can be easily modelled
  • Adhesion, easy processing and stability correspond to those of acrylic
  • also suitable for tip & stencil modelling, natural nail enhancements or dual system tips
  • for optimal modelling use Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - liquid 150ml, which does not smell and serves to prevent the brush from sticking to the material
  • Curing time in all Jolifin units 120 seconds (also Dual)

Application & tips:

  1. Prepare the natural nail - push back the cuticle and remove it from the nail plate, carefully roughen the nail plate with a white Jolifin Buffer sanding block
  2. Apply Jolifin LAVENI dehydrator stick 7ml in a thin layer and let it air dry
  3. Apply Jolifin LAVENI Primer stick 7ml also in a thin layer and let it dry in the air
  4. Pour some Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - liquid 150ml into a Jolifin glass container with a square lid and moisten the Jolifin Cuticle Pro Pusher
  5. Place the material from the tube directly on the nail or on a gel brush that is not too soft and moistened with the liquid.
  6. Push and press the gel into position with light pressure
  7. Once the abutment has been created as desired, cure in the light curing unit for 120 seconds.
  8. If necessary, remove the sweat layer with Jolifin LAVENI Cleaner 150ml and file the nail into shape.
  9. Create or seal more nail art



  • Apply the acrylic gel with Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - liquid 150ml, otherwise the brush will stick to the material. Moisten the brush slightly with the liquid, but do not soak it.
  • AcrylGel is formed with a brush and is not modelled floating like gel
  • When modelling for the first time with acrylic gel, it is best to remove the old model residue well beforehand, i.e. to work on a new model.
  • Use dehydrator and primer before
  • AcrylGel should not be processed over glitter, because it is slightly cloudy