Jolifin Lashes - crystal stone straight

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Jolifin Lashes - crystal stone straight is the perfect lash holder

Jolifin Lashes - crystal stone just is a reliable help for the eyelash modelling. The different lengths of the lash strips can be easily glued onto the well thought-out crystal plate. Due to its compact composition the crystal stone does not lift up when the lashes are peeled off, a smooth grip is guaranteed. A scale printed on the inside also ensures a perfect overview. In addition, the plate delays fast drying or hardening of the adhesive during application due to its cool property. With the recessed trough for placing the adhesive dot, the adhesive and eyelash strips are always ready to hand for you on the spot.

The crystal stone can easily be cleaned after use with a little Jolifin brush cleaner.


  • Eyelash holder with integrated adhesive container 
  • length: approx. 9,3cm
  • width: approx. 4,4cm
  • height: approx. 1,0cm
  • Diameter of the glue trough: approx. 2,5cm