Jolifin LAVENI PRO - 3in1 Primer 11ml

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Jolifin LAVENI PRO - 3in1 Primer 11ml for long-lasting modelling and well-groomed fingernails

Jolifin LAVENI PRO - 3in1 Primer 11ml degreases and additionally cares for the skin while providing strong adhesion. The contained collagen fibres strengthen and stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid. This provides long-term protection against drying out and maintains the elasticity of the nail. Jolifin LAVENI PRO - 3in1 Primer is filled in a practical and elegant brush bottle.

The liquid bonding agent is applied to all natural nail areas and is absorbed into the nail surface. It does not evaporate completely, but leaves a moist, slightly sticky film, which guarantees the later adhesion for the build-up nail modelling.


  • liquid for brushing on
  • degreases the natural nail
  • additionally nourishes through collagen fibres
  • suitable for UV gel and acrylic nails
  • dries in the air
  • ensures a secure adhesion of the nail modelage


  • Prepare natural nails thoroughly as usual
  • mat, remove dust
  • Apply 3 in 1 primer to all natural nail surfaces (not to a tip or model residues, as these areas do not have regreasing properties)
  • leave to air dry for about 1 minute, do not touch with your fingers
  • then start directly with the first modelling layer
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