Jolifin LAVENI PRO nail oil - sensitive 10ml

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Jolifin LAVENI PRO Nail Oil - sensitive 10ml for perfectly groomed fingernails, even for sensitive skin

Jolifin LAVENI PRO Nail Oil - sensitive 10ml ensures optimal care - no matter whether you love artificial nails or are more into natural nails. With the natural nail oil you get the perfect showpiece hands. It contains only a selected mixture of almond and hemp seed oil, without any other additives or fragrances. This makes the Jolifin LAVENI PRO Nail Oil - sensitive ideal for sensitive skin and all who value naturalness.

The elegant vials in marble look, provide with the practical pipette in the lid for easy and accurate dosing. The beneficial oils can be processed particularly hygienically, as they are applied without skin contact. Your senses and those of your customers are also pampered by the refreshing aroma.


  •          10ml
  •          100% natural
  •          Contains only almond kernel and hemp seed oil
  •          Without fragrances

Application & tips:

  •           Apply oil to the cuticle with the pipette
  •           Massage in gently


For polishing: 

  •           Place on the nail plate
  •           Work in with polishing file
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