Jolifin LAVENI Shellac Dual Long-Life Bit - pear fine

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Jolifin LAVENI Shellac Dual Long-Life Bit - pear fine for removing Shellac and UV lacquer

Jolifin LAVENI Shellac Dual Long-Life Bit - Pear fine is the perfect complement to your nail cutter. The powerful bits from the popular Jolifin LAVENI series are characterized by an abrasion resistant coating and minimal heat development. In addition to the first-class design, the file bodies score points with increased breaking strength. They are corrosion-free and suitable for all common sterilization methods and drill baths.

The fine Jolifin LAVENI Shellac Dual Long-Life Bit - bulb can be used especially for the removal of Shellac due to its special cross-cutting teeth. Its super fine strength combined with a high removal rate is exactly adapted to this material. If you do not want to use a remover to remove Shellac, you can remove the stable material easily, quickly and above all thoroughly with this bit. Another advantage is its special toothing, which allows it to work with equal effectiveness in both directions of rotation. It is therefore equally suitable for left and right-handed users.

Jolifin LAVENI - perfect results, even in difficult situations


  • left and right cutting with equal efficiency
  • ideal for removing Shellac
  • highest wear resistance & removal rate
  • perfect heat dissipation
  • Carbide of the best quality 
  • extremely long life
  • minimum heat development
  • barrel plating
  • absolutely insensitive to chemical disinfection
  • also suitable for hot air sterilization
  • unique design
  • is delivered individually in a small storage box
  • fine to superfine coarseness

Technical details:

  • Diameter: approx. 6mm
  • total length: approx. 50mm
  • Shaft diameter: approx. 2.35mm (standard)
  • Speed range: up to approx. 20000 rpm

For extensive cleaning of the bits, we recommend an ultrasonic bath.
When cleaning in a hot-air sterilizer, the bits may become discolored if the temperature is too high.

For a diamond bit, please use a nylon brush for gentle pre-cleaning.