Jolifin Lashes - Bellows

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Jolifin Lashes - bellows for even more comfort in lashes design

Jolifin Lashes - bellows provide a pleasant way for the glue to dry faster. The practical helper can be pressed very easily. The airflow speeds up the drying process, but is gentle enough to be pleasant for the customer. The extra long attachment is used for precise application. Simply apply short blasts of air to the lash adhesive during or after application. 


  • accelerates the drying of the adhesive
  • very light to press
  • with extra long attachment
  • Colour: black


  • total length: approx. 15cm
  • length bellows: approx. 9,5cm
  • Diameter bellows: approx. 5,5cm
  • Length attachment: approx. 5,5cm