Jolifin Lashes - Premium Tweezers gold bent type 1

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Jolifin Lashes - Premium tweezers gold bent type 1 - highest quality for perfect lashes

Jolifin Lashes - Premium Tweezers gold curved type 1 is the ultimate for your lash extensions. The especially high quality tweezers with curved tip are ideal for gently separating individual lashes on the eyelid or attaching lashes and are therefore indispensable for volume and 1 to 1 techniques. The curved tip in combination with the gripping surface enables a very comfortable and precise work. The use is remarkably smooth and the fine tip closes evenly and perfectly.


  • bent top
  • black optics
  • with Jolifin Logo
  • rustproof steel
  • for separating the lashes on the eyelid
  • for the application of single lashes
  • suitable for 1 to 1 and volume technology