Premium MixBox - 3D Lash Fan C-Curl 0,07

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Jolifin Lashes - Premium MixBox - 3D Eyelash Fan C-Curl 0,07 especially luxurious for a glance de luxe

Jolifin Lashes - Premium MixBox - 3D Eyelash Fan C-Curl 0,07 offers you beautiful full lashes with natural curl. Made of real silk, the knot-free fans multiply the number of lashes and create a strikingly voluminous overall image without creating an artificial impression. Eyelash curlers, mascara or other eyelash care products are a part of your past from the day of extension. Eyelash gaps are significantly closed, so that every type of eyelashes is given a particularly expressive effect, opening the eyes for a perfect open-eye impression. Their super-soft texture is based on the natural lashes and hardly differs from them. The unique silky shine rounds off the overall appearance of the lashes in an outstanding way and their even finer finish allows for a particularly filigree result. Sizes 8mm to 13mm are included, so you can design any look from natural to cat-eye.                                                                                                       


  • C-Curl
  • Real Silk
  • prefabricated eyelash fan made of 3 lashes
  • Box with lash sizes 8mm to 13mm
  • starch 0,07
  • flexible and dimensionally stable
  • 20 compartments per row