Jolifin Lashes - Premium MixBox Flat - 1:1 C-Curl 0,15

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Jolifin Lashes - Premium MixBox Flat - 1:1 C-Curl 0.15 for a natural lash look de luxe

Jolifin Lashes - Premium MixBox Flat - 1:1 C-Curl 0.15 offers you especially beautiful lashes with a beautiful curvature. Made of real silk, the lashes are velvety soft and have a dreamlike shine. They can be processed even finer and thus conjure up an even more filigree result. Eyelash curlers, mascara or further eyelash care is from the day of the extension a part of your past.

The deep black lashes extend your natural lash count and create an extreme eyelash curler effect. They fit perfectly to every type of lashes and create the enchanting open-eye impression. Their super soft texture is based on the natural lashes and hardly differs from them. Due to the flat adhesive surface, they are particularly pleasant to use and even easier to apply to the natural lashes. So you get the perfect extension: flexible and dimensionally stable and always top styled, even without mascara. Sizes 8mm to 15mm are included, so you can design any look from natural to cat-eye.                                                                                                         


  • C-Curl
  • with flat adhesive surface for easier processing
  • Box with lash sizes 8mm to 15mm
  • starch 0,15
  • flexible and dimensionally stable
  • natural silk