Jolifin Lashes - Eyelash shampoo 50ml

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Jolifin Lashes - Eyelash shampoo 50ml for a look to fall in love with 

Jolifin Lashes - Eyelash Shampoo 50ml prepares the lashes perfectly for the extension with the Jolifin Lashes. The sensitive shampoo cleans the natural lashes reliably and pleasantly before using the Jolifin Lashes. Therefore a long durability and an optimal working is guaranteed. Due to the delicate and effective formula it feels good and is still effective. Also the gentle cleaning of the already modelled lashes is efficient with the Eyelash Shampoo for a long-lasting beautiful look. 



  • sensitive shampoo to clean the natural lashes before the Jolifin Lashes
  • for cleaning the extended lashes
  • especially pleasant, no burning or pulling
  • with practical pump head
  • soft fragrance
  • 50ml content