Jolifin Lashes - Silicone Pad

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Jolifin Lashes - Silicone pad for optimal processing of the Jolifin Lashes 

Jolifin Lashes - Silicone pad allows you to work comfortably for an eye-opening to fall in love. The soft and flexible pad has self-adhesive properties, which is why you can optimally fill it with the lashes and work from there. In order not to have to turn away from the customer again and again and have to grip the pad, you can simply place the light pad on the forehead or back of the customer's hand and thus keep the lashes immediately ready. This speeds up and simplifies the work enormously and provides additional concentration for a final result that makes you fall in love.


  • flexible and soft texture
  • adhesive property
  • clear
  • water washable
  • Diameter: approx. 8cm