Jolifin paraffin bath set

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Jolifin Paraffin Bath-Set for soft skin on hands, feet and elbows

Jolifin paraffin bath set with accessories for intensive care. Delicate hands and fingernails are always an eye-catcher and the basis of a beautiful nail design. Care for rough, dry or stressed skin intensively and effectively with the Jolifin paraffin wax bath. The heat increases blood circulation during the application and the skin pores open, so that a subsequently applied moisturizer can be absorbed even more intensively. After the treatment, your skin is soft and supple, wrinkles are smoothed and the overall skin texture is refined. This practical set is a useful nail design accessory, not only for nail modelists.

The plastic gloves are pulled directly over the paraffin layer to protect the Jolifin Paraffin Wax Block - Orange 1L and also ensure that the effect of the paraffin is intensified. After the reaction time, the hardened paraffin can be easily removed with the plastic gloves and disposed of. The gloves fit every hand without any problems due to the oversized one size fits all. Even after several layers of paraffin they still fit.