Jolifin Spider-Line Gel - silver 5ml

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Jolifin Spider-Line Gel - silver 5ml conjures delicate lines on the fingernail 

Jolifin Spider-Line Gel - silver 5ml makes even the finest lines on the nail a breeze. The viscous gel is ideal for creating striking designs in stripes, spider web, snowflake or geometric optics. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to designs in crisscross. The gel is simply picked up with a fineliner brush or French ball and applied to the nail as a blob. By taking the brush up, a fine line is formed which you can draw over the nail as you wish.

The high opacity will also inspire you. Of course, the gels do not run off and only harden in the UVA or LED device.


  • viscous to sticky consistency
  • highly pigmented
  • perfectly covering
  • high gloss
  • hardens with a sweating layer
  • is cured for 2 minutes in the UV lamp or in 60 seconds in the LED unit
  • must be sealed
  • Content: 5ml 

LED curing in 60 seconds
UV-curing in 120 seconds