Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - liquid 150ml

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Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - liquid 150ml for use with the Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel

Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - liquid 150ml for optimal modelling of the Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel. The liquid is odourless and prevents the material from sticking to the brush during modelling. Also for removing the liquid from the jar a Pro Pusher or spatula should be moistened with the liquid before.   


  • odourless, no typical acrylic liquid odours
  • for optimal modelling
  • serves to prevent the brush from sticking to the material


  1. Prepare the natural nail - push back the cuticle and remove it from the nail plate, carefully roughen the nail plate with a white Jolifin Buffer sanding block
  2. Apply Jolifin LAVENI dehydrator stick 7ml in a thin layer
  3. Pour some Jolifin LAVENI AcrylGel - liquid 150ml into a Jolifin glass container with a square lid and moisten the Jolifin Cuticle Pro Pusher
  4. Remove the material from the crucible with the Pro Pusher and place it on the nail.
  5. Moisten a not too soft gel brush with the liquid and push the gel into position with light pressure and press.
  6. Once the abutment is completed as desired, cure in the light curing unit for 120 seconds.
  7. If necessary remove the sweating layer with Jolifin LAVENI Cleaner 150ml and file the nail into shape.
  8. Create or seal further nail art.



  • Apply the gel with AcrylGel - liquid, otherwise the brush will stick to the material. Moisten the brush slightly with the liquid, do not soak it