Jolifin Primer ultrabond 5ml

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Jolifin Primer ultrabond 5ml - the bonding agent for your nail modelling

Jolifin Primer ultrabond 5ml enables the long durability of your nail modellage and is indispensable for artificial fingernails. The primer in the bottle without brush is a liquid bonding agent. Primer prevents the natural nail from regreasing, so that the adhesion of the nail modellage with gel or acrylic is better and more durable. Liftings, especially in the marginal areas, are thus prevented. The Jolifin Primer is an Ultrabond which can be used for all modelling techniques. The primer is applied to all natural nail areas and is absorbed into the nail surface. It does not evaporate completely, but leaves a moist, slightly sticky film which guarantees the later adhesion for the build-up nail modellage.


  • low odour
  • liquid for brushing on
  • degreases the natural nail
  • suitable for UV gel and acrylic nails
  • prevents the natural nail from becoming greasy
  • dries in the air
  • ensures a secure adhesion of the nail modelage

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