Jolifin Thermo Colour Gel purple pink 5ml

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Jolifin Thermo Colour Gel purple pink 5ml for an interplay of colours on the fingernail

Jolifin Thermo Colour Gel purple pink changes its basic colour with temperature differences, so that great colour gradients are created on the nail modellage. The effective gels change their original colour under the influence of heat and return to this colour when cold. 

Already in the first layer the colour gel covers remarkably well. For a stronger colour result it can also be applied in further layers. It can be applied with all common brushes and French-Ball brushes. The colour gel must be sealed for a long-lasting radiant result.

Opacity: 95%


  • Colour gradient with temperature differences
  • medium viscosity color gel
  • good hiding power
  • Content 5ml


LED curing in 60 seconds
UV-curing in 120 seconds
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