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As a not registered customer you have the possibility to check your order status here.
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Where can I find my order code?

Where can I find my order code?

The order code will be sent to you at the end of the order or also in the confirmation e-mail under the point "Personal data" is displayed. If you have not received the order confirmation email, please contact the customer service by phone.
Hotline free of charge:
+49 (0) 41 09 / 25 393 - 0

Frequently asked questions?

UV equipment:

  • The device does not work at all or only on one side on.

    Please check first whether the power plug is plugged into the socket. So that the tubes contact, they must be fully engaged and firmly seated in the slot. Set the unit switch to I, then press the timer button to release the tubes start. If the device still does not start, this is usually due to a defective tube. In the device, the two slots on one side are always connected in pairs, i.e. at the top and bottom left and top and bottom right. This means that if a tube is defective a kind of whole side is not lit. If there is a defective tube on each side of the tube, the does not switch on the complete device.

    To find out the fault or the defective tube, proceed as follows before:
    In case of one-sided failure: Always plug in the tubes individually within the device one place over. If, at the latest when the tubes are plugged in a second time, the failed pair of tubes changes, the last tube plugged in is defective. Most of the time this tube also rattles.
    In case of complete failure: First replace the two upper tubes with each other, then one of the lower tubes with one of the upper ones of the other pair of tubes. If the unit still doesn't work, either more than two tubes or the unit defective. Without another set of test tubes it is unfortunately not possible to find out. In case of an actual defect in the tubes or the device, please take please contact us, so that the further procedure can be clarified with our employees can be.

  • The tubes are flickering.

    It is normal that the tubes flicker briefly during start-up. During the However, the tubes should not flicker during normal operation. If this happens during the light curing and have been using the tube set for some time, you should think about making an exchange. However, if you have your device brand new acquired and in operation check that the tubes are really tight and correctly inserted into the tube holder. the sockets. If the fault cannot be rectified, please contact us on.

  • The tubes do not fit into my device.

    Please check if you have the right tubes for your device:

    • Apollon (light barrier device), here only the tubes with Order no. 256.
    • All other 4-tube devices: here fits the universal tube, order no. 1987. You may have to turn the tube to the left and right with slight pressure, until it locks in place noticeably.

    If you have ordered the wrong tubes, you can return them unused within 4 Return weeks after purchase. Please contact our staff and/or read You can also read our AGB. Please note that unfree shipments are not accepted. If you are using the device cannot plug in suitable tubes despite all attempts, check the frames.


UV gels:

  • The gel does not harden.

    French- and colour gels should always be as thin as possible for sufficient curing. so that the UV light can cure the colour pigments well. Apply the gel in two thin layers or increase the curing time. For all other gels, the recommended curing time may be less than was. Tubes can also be a cause of insufficient curing. You should replace them for the next modelling.

  • The gel has hardened in the crucible.

    Gel is light-curing. This means that you cannot expose the open gel jar to the influence of light ...to be suspended. Do not place the open crucible under a lamp, in the sun or to close to the UVA device. Store your gel well sealed until the next use at room temperature, preferably not near a light or heat source.

  • The gel is flaking off.
    • Do not apply cream to your hands in the last 2 hours before modelling, as the stored grease film restricts the adhesion.
    • Do not place your hands on any large objects in the last few hours before modelling. humidity more.
    • Mat the natural nail or tip completely, in addition it must be cleaned before The model should be dry and free of filing dust.
    • Remove loose model residues and push back the cuticle. Grasp no longer with the fingers on the frosted nail.
    • Do not model too close to the cuticles. Remove gel that has run into the nail fold before hardening with an orangewood stick.
    • If possible, only use products from one manufacturer. If you use your components from different suppliers, this does not necessarily mean that the number of may lead to liability problems, may but cannot be excluded as the cause.
    • Do not remove the sweat layer between the individual gel layers, as this will damage the adhesion basis for the next layer. Only if you file away unevenness or colored nail art, clean the nail and roughen it afterwards with a buffer again. Remove the file dust dry with a nail brush.
    • Carefully coat the tip of the nail with each layer of gel.
    • Do not apply the gel too thinly. You must always apply a thick layer modelling. Too thin layers of gel throw bubbles or contract too much.
    • Do not apply coloured gels too thickly to ensure curing is. It is better to apply 2 thin coats of paint instead of one thick one.
    • Take care not to incorporate any air bubbles.

    Very general causes can also be: metabolic diseases, severe hormonal fluctuations (e.g. during pregnancy), taking medication, over- or sub-function of the Thyroid gland or a natural nail that is too greasy.

  • The Frenchgel is not white/don't cover.

    All pigmented gels, i.e. stain and french gels, must be carefully cleaned before modelling. stirred. Be careful not to stir any air bubbles under the gel. If you apply white French gel with a bristle brush, you should apply it twice apply (cure for 2 minutes in between). If you only want to model one layer, you can have a swirl use. With this you first draw the smile line and then fill the Nail tip in circular movements with gel. Thus the gel pulls itself into each other, the layer stays thin and still covers.

  • The color gel does not cover.

    All pigmented gels must be carefully stirred before modelling. Eights But make sure that you do not put any air bubbles under the gel. If you mix color gel with bristle brush, you should apply the gel twice (cure for 2 minutes in between). If you only want to model one layer, you can use a swirl. With first pull the Smile-Line and then fill the nail tip with gel in circular movements off. This way the gel pulls into each other, the layer remains thin and still covers. Strong, dark colours you should Do not apply too thickly, as the strong pigmentation makes curing difficult. Apply in in the case of 2 thinner layers on and/or extend the curing time to Four minutes.

  • The sealing gel is not shiny.

    The gel must be applied in a rich, even layer and applied up to the edges or at the tip of the nail, without, however, getting into the nail fold is allowed to run. Cure the sealing gel 2 x 2 minutes, then cool down slightly and remove the sweating layer with cleaner or polishing oil. Exception: UV-Top Sealing from the black bottle. It has NO sweat layer and must not be cleaned or mixed with other liquids. should be wiped off, as it will become dull again. Cure the UV-Top Sealing at least 4 Minutes. Also be sure to pay attention Make sure that the last layer before the sealing gel is as even as possible. Another The tubes can be the cause of matt sealing gel, as sealers are very set hard and need a correspondingly good UV radiation.



  • My shipment hasn't arrived yet.

    Wir bemühen uns, jede Bestellung so zügig wie möglich zu fakturieren und in den Versand zu geben. Daher werden Bestelleingänge bis zum frühen Nachmittag in der Regel auch noch am gleichen Tag verschickt, so dass die Pakete innerhalb von 1-2 Werktagen beim Kunden eintreffen sollten (ins Ausland dauert die Zustellung entsprechend länger). Eine Ausnahme bilden Bestellungen per Vorkasse, da wir erst nach erfolgtem Geldeingang verschicken. Der Bankweg dauert aus unserer Erfahrung zwischen 1-3 Werktagen (Samstag/Sonntag sind keine Werktage). Am Tag des Geldeingangs wird die Bestellung fakturiert, ab dann müssen Sie noch den Versandweg dazurechnen. Bestellungen per PayPal Zahlung werden sofort bearbeitet, wenn die Transaktion als abgeschlossen angezeigt wird. PayPal wird mehrmals täglich von uns ausgelesen. Bestellungen vom Wochenende gehen am Montag außer Haus. Haben Sie den Express-Versand mit UPS gewählt (5,90 € Aufschlag), wird bei:
    1. Bestelleingang werktags (Mo-Fr) bis 16:00 Uhr am gleichen Tag verschickt und am nächsten Werktag bis 12 Uhr ausgeliefert.
    2. Bestellungen nach 16:00 Uhr werden am nächsten Werktag mit UPS-Express verschickt.
    3. Bestellungen vom Freitag nach 16:00 Uhr und vom Wochenende gehen am Montag raus, so dass Dienstag ausgeliefert wird.

    UPS unternimmt insgesamt 3 Zustellversuche, sollten Sie auch am dritten Tag nicht anzutreffen sein, kommt das Paket zu uns zurück. UPS-Expresslieferung ist nur innerhalb Deutschland und bei Zahlung per Nachnahme, Kreditkarte oder PayPal möglich.

  • My delivery is incomplete.
    • Is the item listed on your invoice? Has it been invoiced? Is both the case, please contact us by phone so that we can make a review can initiate.
    • If the quantity received does not match the quantity in the invoice, take please contact us by telephone. Our employees will perform an analysis for control initiate.
    • If an item is on the invoice but is listed without a price, it is sold out. If you had already paid for the goods in advance, a credit balance was created. This is noted in the invoice.
    • In individual cases the article was included in the calculation and a free subsequent delivery ...for the first time. In this case, information about this is enclosed with your invoice.
  • I got the wrong articles.

    Please compare the received article with your invoice, if necessary also with your order confirmation. For sets, a detailed parts list including the quantities is listed in the invoice. If the ordered article differs from the received article, please take the following for clarification contact us by telephone.

  • I received faulty articles.

    If an article has leaked, become dirty, has been damaged in transit or has been defective in any other way, please contact us by mail or telephone. Our goods leaves the house in perfect condition and carefully packaged, however, it is still possible to In individual cases, the unit may be slightly damaged during transport. We make every effort to a quick settlement. Please note that the complaint must be made within 30 days. After that, as a rule no further improvement is possible. Therefore please check your entire delivery immediately after receipt. On electrical devices, there is a 2-year guarantee, whereby the tubes are used as consumables of which are excluded. Please also read our AGB.

  • I ordered the wrong items. / want to return merchandise.
    You can cancel your order within 14 days. This also applies to orders or partial goods already received.
    • For unopened and unused goods we refund the full purchase price.
    • For used goods, which are regarded as articles of daily use (e.g. UVA devices) we refund a corresponding partial value due to the impairment. Please note that Consumables (e.g. gels, nail art colours, Liquids, paints, UVA tubes, glitter cans and the like which have been opened were) cannot be taken back in principle.
    • Take audio and video carriers (DVD) whose packaging/seal has been opened we're not going back.

    In case of doubt please contact us or read our AGB. In case of withdrawal of the purchase, you are entitled to a return stamp if the value of the goods you wish to return over 40 € is lying. In this case please contact us. If the value of the goods you are returning would like less than 40 €, you must unfortunately pay the return postage yourself. Unfree shipments or such, which are visibly damaged from the outside due to inadequate packaging, are has not accepted us as a matter of principle. Basic principle: Always put your return a copy of the invoice (in case of return the original invoice for the entire order). Please note the following for possible queries Your email or phone number and how to be reimbursed if necessary:

    • as a credit to be set off against the next order
    • to your bank account (enclose account details, may take up to 4 weeks)
    • to your PayPal account (only if the goods have been paid by PayPal, email address of the Enclose account)
    • to your credit card (only if the goods have been paid for by card; enclose data, as these are not saved on our part)

    In the case of partial returns, the complaint period of 30 days for defective goods remains for the The rest of the order remains unaffected (see I have defective articles get).

  • I want to trade goods.

    You can cancel an incorrectly ordered item within the cancellation period of 14 days trade. This does not apply to used, opened or damaged goods. If the value of the goods is less than 40 €, you must pay the return costs ...I'm afraid I'll have to carry it myself. If the value is higher, please contact us, so that we send you a return label can. Enclose a copy of the invoice, on which you can see the article number and quantity of new exchange order and your telephone number for any queries. Differences in your favour are deposited as credit, in case of differences to your debit please note the Payment request (we do not send on account).
    Please note: For the sending of the exchange goods there are Postage from 6,90 € on.

  • I was charged the wrong prices.

    In principle, the prices from the online shop at the time of the order always apply. Prices from the catalogue may no longer be current, as at the time of printing a other price was valid. If the invoice shows a different price than from This can have various causes:

    1. In the case of special prices, the offer was already valid at the time of the actual order expired. The offers change every Monday, about 10.00 a.m.
    2. The studio customer offer changes every month. Here too, the actual Order date.
    3. If you are a trade customer, you still have the trade licence at the time of ordering not submitted, not yet registered or not logged in or the account is not yet activated. Please read about this ...I like to make the point that "I got a nail salon, not a discount." Unfortunately, trade licences submitted at a later date cannot be considered will be.


Order process:

  • Cancel orders / double orders

    Accidentally placed or unpaid orders will be automatically cancelled by us after 14 days. canceled. You don't have to worry about anything else. If you accidentally double Transferred we will of course pay you the excess amount after receipt of both amounts. the amount paid.

  • I want to order in the online shop / by phone.

    You can place your order by:

    1. online shop
    2. Phone
    3. Fax
    4. In writing by letter

    In the online shop you place the desired articles with the required quantityAdd to cart, then click on "Complete purchase", can then be forwarded to the cash desk, enter your address data and the payment request and send the order. You will receive to the given eMail address an order confirmation and the bank data (for prepayment). The online shop offers our customers the safest and most comfortable way to order, as misunderstandings due to an unclear order are excluded. How you can redeem a voucher in the shop, please read under "My voucher was not charged". For further questions, our employees will be happy to assist you on available by phone, e-mail or chat. For a telephone order you can reach us under Hotline +49 (0) 41 09 / 25 393 - 0.

    Please have your customer number and the order numbers ready. Please fax orders to the number +49 (0) 41 09 / 25 393 - 90 at Indication of address, customer number, telephone number and Payment request and order number including the respective order quantity. You can also order in writing by letter. Please make sure that your order is legible font and enter your address, customer number, telephone number as well as payment request and order number including the respective order quantity.

  • I want to register in the online shop.

    In principle, everyone can order from the Pretty Nail Shop without having to register. But a registration has also advantages:

    • You no longer need to enter your address manually.
    • You can subscribe to our newsletter. The newsletter always contains the latest Trends, bargains and a current voucher.
    • You will be informed by SMS about the current status of your order held.
    • You can view a live tracking on our website.
    • You can use your account to view previous orders and use them to reorder again.

    Studio customers who would like to order via the online shop after presentation of their trade licence, have to register, so that the account can be activated (more under "I have a nail salon and no discount get"). And this is how you register:

    1. at the top right of the start page you will find the button "Register
    2. then click on "register
    3. a window opens in which you can enter your personal data
    4. fill out the fields and click on "Create account

    In the future you will always log in with the stored email address and password. As studio customers please also read the "Note for commercial customers" (under the field "Create access").

  • I don't know how I can pay.
  • The voucher code was not charged.

    Vouchers and newsletter vouchers can be redeemed as follows: After you have filled your shopping cart, go to the right side of the page

    • Have you really entered the code in the field "Enter voucher code" in the shopping cart and not only under "comment"?
    • Have you forgotten to click on "Redeem voucher"?
    • Has a code possibly already been entered and charged? Only 1 voucher per order to cash in.
    • Is the registered voucher code correct?
    • Is the exact spelling correct (upper/lower case, no spaces)?
    • Has the voucher code already expired? You may want to read the newsletter text again after.
    • Has the minimum order value been reached? This means the value of goods WITHOUT postage.

    shopping vouchers that are ordered, paid for and given to you via the online shop are redeemed as follows:

    1. When ordering by phone, please enter the voucher number, the value of goods and the date of issue. The value of the voucher will be deducted immediately from your order value. pulled.
    2. Proceed as follows for online shop orders:
      Complete your order by clicking on "Checkout". Here you can you now redeem your goods voucher 'First enter your billing address one. In the field "Voucher" you enter the voucher number, the value and the date of issue. For payment by cash on delivery and credit card, our staff will deduct the voucher value. Pay by advance payment, please transfer correspondingly less. If you pay by PayPal, please ask us by phone (Hotline: +49 (0) 41 09 / 25 393 - 0) a new link. Afterwards you go to ?further to the shipping method?

    A payment of the voucher value or a remaining amount cannot be made. Subsequently Unfortunately, vouchers submitted can usually be used for a previous order. not be taken into consideration for a previous order.

  • I got a nail salon and no discount.

    In general, studio customers receive a 10% discount on every order after presentation of their trade licence. The registered activity must be related to nail design, cosmetics, hairdresser or similar. have to do with nail design, cosmetics, hairdressing or similar. Subsequently submitted trade licences can be used for a past Order unfortunately not be considered. You can fax the ticket under +49 (0) 41 09 / 25 393 - 90, by email to [email protected] or as copy by letter to Pretty Nail Shop 24 GmbH Baker's Barn 3, 22889 Tangstedt. When the trade licence and you order by telephone, we will add a note on the Include the discount in the column "%". If you order via the online shop you can register with us in our shop (start page top right "Login", so we can activate the account. After the activation you always log in with your password. You will then see the Net prices, whereby the discount is taken into account. If the discount was not taken into account, even though we have a business license. is present, then

    • you have not yet registered in the shop.
    • you have registered, but the account is not yet activated.
    • you forgot to log in even though you have been activated.

    Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff by phone at the free reseller hotline 0 41 09 / 25 393 - 0.

  • Automatic PayPal payment did not work.

    Normally you will be automatically redirected to the PayPal site via the shop, to finalize your payment. If you place an order by phone or if you have a If you would like to withdraw credit from your customer card, proceed as follows:

    1. go directly to www.paypal.de
    2. log in with your email address and password
    3. go to the field "Send money"
    4. a window opens, in which you can enter our e-mail address as the recipient enter the name: [email protected]
    5. enter the amount and your customer number in the comment field
    6. then complete the payment
  • I transferred twice. / I had to do it despite Pay in advance at the door.
    • If you have accidentally transferred twice, we will pay you after receipt of money of both amounts will of course gladly return the amount paid twice. Leave Please send us your bank details. Refunds can take up to 4 weeks. Alternatively you can the amount as a goods credit for offsetting with the next order deposited.
    • If you had to pay at the door upon delivery, although you did not pay cash on delivery have ordered, please check your order confirmation first. Possibly did you actually have a per Cash on delivery ordered. If this is the case and you had the amount additionally by prepayment paid in advance, we can refund the advance payment after receipt of money. Please read see also point a) above.
    • If you actually ordered and paid by advance payment, PayPal or credit card refuse to accept the package and please contact us in Connection. In that case, I'm afraid confusion or a dispatch error. We will, after checking the Money entrance your commodity as fast as possible again send.
  • My question/problem does not appear here.

    If you could not be helped here or you have questions about a topic that is not covered here, you are of course welcome to contact us:

    • by mail to [email protected]
    • by telephone on the hotline +49 (0) 41 09 / 25 393 - 0

    Please have your customer number at hand, but also if you are not yet a customer our employees will be happy to assist you.